Pacific States

Part A – Australia’s engagement with Asia – 20 marks

1. In 200-250 words describe the levels of political and cultural engagement between Australia and Asia. (20 marks)

Part B – Australia’s engagement with Indonesia – 20 marks

1. In approximately 200-250 words outline the reasons why Hugh White states that Indonesia is more important to Australia now, than it ever has been. (20 marks)

Part C – Australia’s engagement with Japan – 20 marks

1. In approximately 200-250 words explain what Australians and Japanese have meant to each other in the context of the second half of the 20th century? (20 marks).

Part D – Australia’s engagement with China – 20 marks

1. In approximately 200-250 words discuss whether or not you believe China poses a threat to regional security. (20 marks)

Part E – Australia’s engagement with New Zealand and the Pacific – 20 marks

1. In approximately 100-150 words explain the common ambition of Australia and New Zealand in Oceania. (10 marks)

To answer the question, you are able to utilise both the reading and the lecture pods from Week 14.

2. In approximately 100-150 words outline the reasons behind Australia’s decision to abandon a policy of non-interference in the Pacific states in the early part of the 21st century. (10 marks)

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