Organizational Use of IT Innovation

Section 1: Organisation and innovation: Identifying innovative use of IT technology in operations, products and services 

Briefly describe the following about the company you selected: 

  • Strategy
  • Organizational structure
  • Products or services
  • Market

  Describe the dynamics of the company’s industry, such as recent structural changes, anticipated future developments and the global landscape. 

  Describe the company’s competitive position regionally, nationally and globally. 

  Analyze the role and status of innovation in the company, using one of the diagnostic concepts outlined in the Readings.

  Section 2: Analysis of company’s innovative capacity in using, adopting and generating innovation 

  • Analyse the organisation’s cultural readiness based on cultural frameworks described in the Readings. 
  • Where feasible, analyse employees’ readiness to enable innovation, based on your narrative of interviews with employees. Include direct quotes. 
  • Critically evaluate the company’s cultural and innovation readiness by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the company’s culture. 
  • Propose a change management approach capable of effectuating the adoption of innovative technologies and practices.

  Section 3: Analysis of innovative technologies landscape

  • Briefly describe the theoretical framework for the process you propose.
  • Anticipate issues and describe how the process will be managed.
  • Describe the core challenges for each phase of the process. Address IT-specific challenges, such as mistaken or ambiguous requirements and user resistance. Explain how you will overcome these challenges.

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