Organizational Psychologist

An organizational   psychologist was interested in whether individuals working in   different sectors of a company differed   in their attitudes toward the company. The   results for the three people surveyed in   development were 10, 12, and 11; for the   three in the marketing department, 6, 6,   and 8; for the three in accounting, 7, 4,   and 4; and for the three in production,   14, 16, and 13 (higher numbers mean more   positive attitudes). Was there a   significant difference in attitude toward the company   among employees working in different   sectors of the company at the .05   level?

(a) Use the steps of hypothesis   testing;

(b) sketch the distributions involved;   

(c) figure the effect size for the study;  

 (d) explain your answer to part (a) to someone   who understands everything involved in   conducting a t test for independent   means but is unfamiliar with the analysis   of variance;

(e) test the significance of   planned contrasts using the overall .05   level (with a Bonferroni correction for testing   each of the six contrasts) for   development versus marketing

(f) development   versus accounting

(g) development versus   production,

(h) marketing versus accounting

  (i) marketing versus production and

(j)   accounting versus production     

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