Organisational Learning

Question 1

Discuss 6 strategies of sustaining a class room attention.

Narrate four benefits the learner is likely to get by studying the fundamentals of pedagogy?

Draw the structure of the schemes and explain the functions of every component.

Question 2

Task: ‘inventing new knowledge is not a specialized activity…it is a way of behaving, indeed a way of being, in which everyone is a knowledge worker’ (Nonaka, 1991).Following this line of thought, and with reference to relevant literature and theory, discuss your company’s approach to strategic management of knowledge and organisational learning.

Evaluate its use of strategic frameworks and tools, including the importance of knowledge in strategic development; strategic marketing; sustainability, competitive advantage; and managing strategic corporate change.

Question 3

  • Why do you think that distributed memory multiprocessor systems use interconnection networks than bus systems?
  • List and explain the factors that influence bus bandwidth.
  • Explain RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

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