Organisation Department

Each learner is expected to have an organization (business or non-profit) that he/she will write about for his/her assignment which can either be his or her own organization or another organization he or she is familiar with.
The assignment will assess the various theories, tools and techniques covered in this module with emphasis on the ability to analyse, apply, evaluate and formulate strategies for organizational success.
This assignment should reflect the learner’s ability in the following areas:
1. Proper application of the strategic management concepts and tools learned during the Managing Business Strategy module;
2. Integration of learning from the various concepts, tools, techniques and the analysis and integration to facilitate the development of consistent and effective strategies for organizational success.
3. Strategic thinking capability as shown in the analysis of strategic issues of the chosen business or organization and in the formulation of logical, rational and effective strategies;
The Tasks
Submit a Management Report covering the following areas:
1) Write an Executive Summary
2) Write an Introduction provide the Company Background including the business environment or industry it operates in.
3) Provide the company’s mission & vision statements & objectives. Recommend revised mission & vision statements and corporate goals/ objectives where appropriate
4) Undertake an Industry Analysis for your chosen company’s business using Porter’s Five Forces framework (15 %)
5) Undertake the following for your chosen company (20%):

  •  Internal Environment analysis focussing on SWOT and undertake an Internal Factors Evaluation Matrix for the company
  •  External Environment analysis using PESTLE Analysis
    6) Prepare the following for your chosen company   (25%):
  •  A critical and integrated analysis of the results based on the above analysis you have undertaken earlier for questions 3-5 which will provide the basis for subsequent strategy formulation and recommendations aligned or based on whole or in part of Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies for Competitive Advantage model. Justify your recommendations
    7) Write a conclusion    (10%)

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