Order of Operations


The order that we use to assemble a cake or build a house is important. The same holds true for evaluating any expression in math. We call this the Order of Operations. 

· In your own words, explain the Order of Operations. 

· Give an example of an expression to fit this situation in math and an example in real life. 

· Please share any trick or mnemonic device to help you recall this order or how to use it.  A mnemonic device is a memory trick such as using “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” to learn all the keys on the keyboard. 


The medial triangle of a triangle ABC is the triangle with vertices at the midpoints of the sides AB, AC, and BC of triangle ABC. From an arbitrary point O that is not a vertex of triangle ABC, the location of the centroid is given by (vector OA + vector OB + vector OC)/3. Prove that the medial triangle shares the same centroid?

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