Optional Products

Question 1

Selected product lines (Paw Patrol toys) and discuss your pricing strategies for the following:

  • Product line
  • Optional products
  • Captive products
  • By-products
  • Product bundles

Which strategy did you find the most interesting? Why?

Your paper should be a minimum of one page. You must cite at least one source in the body of your paper and provide a full citation using APA format.

Question 2

This is now an independent research memo due to class cancellation.

If choosing this option, please submit a memo (one page) that includes the following:

  • Pick one company that has a strong differentiation advantage, explaining its “value drivers”. Also pick one company that has a strong cost advantage, explaining its “cost drivers”. Refer to the textbook on the definition and types of value and cost drivers. Exclude companies that are assigned as class examples (Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Alphabet, Disney, Samsung Electronics)
  • Separately, discuss how Ikea achieves both cost and differentiation advantage. Read the articles posted in Canvas Files and also do your own internet search. Rather than discussing the two separately, try to discuss how certain actions/initiatives save cost while keeping/increasing value, or vice versa (increasing value while maintaining/decreasing cost).

Please write in structured paragraphs using bullet points and headings where appropriate.

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