Optimal Aging

Question 1


In Unit 5, you will research programs, agencies, and organizations in your area ( Colorado) that contribute to successful or optimal aging. This week, begin to search online and explore your neighborhood resources, such as community centers and senior centers, to find out what types of opportunities (resources, technology, and services) are available to and for older adults and their caregivers to support optimal aging in your area. Note how they relate to the demographics of your community.

For the Unit 5 assignment, you will need to either research online or contact five services or resources. You may gather information by interviewing an agency in person or by phone. An interview is considered one resource of the five required. You will elaborate on what services address the impact of normal age-related physiological and psychological changes on the older adult’s psychosocial functioning.

Set appointments now if you desire to do any interviews. Helpful interviewing tips are linked in the Resources.

Review the Local Older Adult Agency Search Scoring Guide and assignment instructions in Unit 5.

Question 2

Research at least five peer-reviewed articles from academic journals, government sources, or research institutions (e.g., Rand) to illustrate the unrest.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper to include the following:

  • Compare the root causes of the social unrest
  • Identify human rights challenges
  • Distinguish international agreements impacting the area
  • Determine the security challenges caused by the environment

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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