Optic Nerve

Question 1

Option 2: Explaining Vision or Hearing to Kids

  1. For this option, pretend that a 6-year-old asks you “How do we see? ” or “How do we hear?”
  2. Find a way a creative way to answer one of these questions. You can design a handout, children’s book, a coloring book, a brochure, a video, or power point presentation- anything that can explain to a 6-year old how that sense works. If you have another idea, check with your instructor. Your target audience is children so make sure your explanations are simple but you still use the scientific terminology. BE CREATIVE!

    If you choose vision, you will need to include the following: light waves, pupil, iris, lens, retina, rods and cones, optic nerve and then can stop your explanation at the visual cortex. You can get extra points on this assignment by also explaining feature detectors and parallel processing.

    If you choose hearing, you will need to include the following: sound waves, eardrum, middle ear, cochlear, hair cells, auditory nerve and can stop your explanation at the auditory cortex. You can get extra points on this assignment by also explaining deafness.

Question 2

Research/writing assignment #3: Differing abilities article of your choice

Teaching Children with Special Needs

1. Use the Internet to search for articles on the topic of the assignment (Google). You may change the wording of the search terms to find more articles. 2. For each assignment, write 200 words minimum (double­spaced, font size no more than 14 pt.) to include: a. A summary of the article: what were the main points of the article? What message was the author trying to communicate about the topic? b. A description of how the information in the article applies to your work with children; what is your opinion of the information? Why? Are you currently applying this information in your work? How? If not, will you? Why or why not? c. Accurately cite the resources/articles used for your assignment d. Grading will include correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, use of “quotation marks” for direct quotes from the articles, as well as format and content

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