Operations Strategy

You are required to interview the person responsible for operations function in your company or a company of your choice and write a report based on the interview. The following questions should serve as a guideline for the interview:

  1. What is your position called in the company, and where is it located on the organisational structure?
  2. Would you describe your role in the company?
  3. From your experience, how has the role of the operations manager changed in the last few years (in terms of scope, content, and complexity)?
  4. Would you describe your company’s operations strategy?
  5. How are you responding to the winds of change blown from the notion and reality of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)?
  6. What do you think is the future of operations management in your company and industry?

Following these questions, do your own analysis of the interview. The analysis may include at what point you think the company is on the lifecycle of operations, and why? Also do an analysis of other aspects of operations strategy?

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