Operational Definition

Question 1

This is a three-part assignment focusing on the exploration of different ways of knowing in social work. Students will select a topic of concern from their own interest and/or from their practice setting. They will then utilize the semester to create elements of an original research proposal that evaluates or explores their chosen population and practice issue and propose a line of inquiry that will answer their proposed research question. Details of this assignment will be discussed extensively in class. A description of each part of the assignment follows. These three parts of your research proposal will be carried forward to SW 750 (Advanced Research Methods), during which you will write additional sections toward completion of a final Research Proposal.

Part 1 is a review of two research articles.Part 2 is an introduction for your research proposal that includes a synthesis of the theoretical frameworks, review of literature (five research articles, including the two articles from Part 1), and critique (strengths and limitations) of those. This assignment concludes with a statement of purpose for your study.Part 3 is an integration of the critique provided by your instructor for Parts 1 and 2 of your proposal, to include strengthening and/or refining your literature review. Part 3 will also include your research question, hypothesis, the independent and dependent variables, and an operational definition of the independent and dependent variable(s).

Question 2

Part One:  (1,500 words)

Reflect on your own experiences as a leader. Identify, in relation to relevant leadership models/theory, what approaches to leadership you typically adopt in your daily work.

Critically appraise your style of leadership. What professional development / training goals do you wish to establish in order to grow as a successful leader? 

Part Two:  (1,500 words)

Critically evaluate the degree to which leadership behaviours within your own organisation, or another with which you are familiar, reflect a genuine commitment to ethical leadership.

What recommendations do you have to improve ethical leadership behaviours in your chosen organization?

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