Ocean Circulation Patterns

1. a) What are the two main types of dinosaurs?

b) What is the physiological basis for this?

c) Discuss the evidence for and against the idea that the dinosaurs were warm- blooded.

2. What evidence supports the hypothesis that a meteorite impact might have caused the extinction at the end of the Mesozoic?

3. a) Describe the development of angiosperms from gymnosperms.

`b) Discuss the possible development of birds from dinosaurs. What characteristics do they have in common?

4. Explain the origin and development of mammals during the Mesozoic.

5. a) Discuss the major global plate tectonic events during the Mesozoic Era.

b) Describe the events that occurred during the breakup of Pangaea.

6. a) How does the breakup of Pangaea influence the Mesozoic distribution and development of plants and animals?

b) What effects did the breakup of Pangaea have on global climates and ocean circulation patterns?

7. Discuss the role that accretion of terranes played in the development of North America.

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