You will now be writing a sensory questionnaire (you will not be asked to administer this questionnaire to others)

Spend some time thinking about a food/dish you enjoy making or eating

consider what you like or dislike about it – taste, texture, appearance, aroma, etc., or what questions you would like to ask others about it

Write a brief, 2-4 question, sensory analysis questionnaire about this food/dish, keeping in mind what questions about it you would be interested in knowing (what people think of the texture, taste, smell, it’s appearance, etc)

  1. Include demographic information you would collect from your panelists 

Once your questionnaire is complete, write a brief summary (~1 page) about your questionnaire, including:

  1. why you chose this food (is it a favorite of yours, have you always been curious what people think about it, etc)
  2. generally speaking, what information were you trying to gain from this questionnaire

give a brief rationale for each question – why did you ask it

  1. tell me, if you were to administer this questionnaire to people what group (or groups) would you choose?  For instance, if you had chosen a pureed fruit/veggie pouch, you would most like administer it to kids.
  2. Click HERE to go to the Sensory Questionnaire Discussion board to ask questions, give feedback or post appropriate comments about this assignment

Email me to ask any questions you do not wish to ask on the board
gear iconHERE is an example of a well done questionnaire, however there are numerous ways to create these questionnaires. Below are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. Demographics go before the actual questions, should be meaningful to what you need to know about the panelist and can include things like:   
  2. age
  3. sex
  4. purchasing habits
  5. major/occupation

eating a specific type of food, diet or brand

  1. You should always give simple instructions for the panelist to follow

treat it as though they have never done a sensory evaluation before

Depending on your desired outcome, you can use analytical, affective, or a combination of both types of evaluation

always leave a place for your panelist to answer your question

fill-ins are a lot harder for you to quantify, giving choices will make your life easier

if you feel led, leave an “other” option, with the opportunity for them to fill it in

Before writing your questionnaire, start by figuring out what you want to know about your product

this will help direct you to the proper questions to ask

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