Nutrition Knowledge

Question 1
After you analyzed a 3-day diet (food & fluid) and activity record in part 1, and you summarized your findings in part 2, you will now provide recommendations for improvement of your diet in order to demonstrate your newly gained nutrition knowledge, problem solving (critical thinking) and written communication skills (SLO#1) utilizing scientific, peer-reviewed evidence (SLO#2).

  • Part 3: After summarizing and analyzing your diet, you will identify at least 5 items(micro- or macronutrients; you may include 1 nutraceutical if you wish) to improve your nutrition intake according to current guidelines, and then formulate recommendations to promote nutritional health, optimize well-being, and disease prevention based on recent scientific evidence (from peer-reviewed journals cited in APA-format)Please use APA-format paragraph headings!

Question 2
1. This set of chapters covers a lot of information on diet and health. Based on your readings and personal experience, What are some ways (positive or negative) our overall diet can affect our health? How does exercise play a role in nutrition and health?

2. In your opinion, do you think the general public understands the different roles of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and vitamins in our body? Why or why not? Do you think it is ignorance or apathy (or both)?

3. What factors do you think most greatly influence our nutritional decisions (i.e. taste, convenience, nutritional needs, brand-names, up-bringing, etc..)

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