Nursing Philosophy


 Your journal this week will help you get started on developing your personal Philosophy of Nursing Statement. You will continue to develop this statement over the next six weeks through these journal assignments.

In this week’s journal, construct your initial draft of the opening statement and assumptions sections of your philosophy of nursing. In this first draft, you will reflect on the elements below:

Introduction: Open your statement with a few sentences about the importance of a philosophy of nursing practice. How does such a philosophy shape your identity and role as a nurse?

Assumptions: Discuss your assumptions about patients, health, environment, and nursing and the relationships among these variables. How does your nursing philosophy guide your interaction with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals? How do professional integrity, equity, ethics, and the potential for bias factor into your assumptions?  


Public health evokes different images for different people and it can mean different things in different contexts. This week we are discussing some of the common perceptions of public health in the United States. Please discuss the following questions. Remember to support your answers by proper citation and referencing using APA format: (300 words)

1) To what extent has public health contributed to improvement in health status and quality of life over history?

2) What historical phenomena are most responsible for the development of public health responses?

3) In your opinion, which features of public health make it different from other fields? Which features are most unique and distinctive? Why?

Essentials of Public Health Third Edition

      Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett

      Author:      Bernard J. Turnock

      ISBN: 9781284321562 

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