Nurse Leader Interview

  1. Identify and interview a nurse leader at your chosen facility.
  2. Identify and discuss his/her role in facilitating change in healthcare policy at the organizational level.
  3. Identify a member on the committee (Interdisciplinary Team) for healthcare related policies and their role in the internal and external policy change process.
  4. Identify the payment source(s) utilized at your current healthcare facility and discuss how this source influences payment, decision on admissions, staffing, resources, and patient discharge. Are there issues with healthcare access, healthcare equity, etc. that are related to the payor mix of the organization?
  5. Then identify and discuss a healthcare bill that influenced one of your discussion items such as staffing, facility resources, patient care services (inpatient length of stay, etc.), nursing workforce trends etc. If a bill does not exist on the item discussed, how would the healthcare profession benefit from a bill proposal? (Support your work)

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