Numpy Areas

Question 1

Create the following functions, and any other auxiliary function you consider necessary, using the functionalities offered by the Numpy library:
• code(item, nbits=10): convert a tuple of strings into an integer in the range [0, 2 b ] where b is the number of bits. You may use the built in function hash(object) .
• vectorize_line(line, k=3, nbits=10): convert a string into a 1 dimensional numpy array of size 2 b . The conversion should be performed as follows: extract all possible sub sequences of k words from the string in input; convert each k- word tuple into an integer using the previous function code ; use the resulting integer p as the position index; count the number of occurrences of the resulting integer in the input line; this is the value in position p in the returned array.
• vectorize_story(story, k=3, nbits=10): convert a story , which is a list of n strings, into a 2 dimensional numpy array of size n × 2 b using vectorize_line .
• convert all stories in text in a list of 2 dimensional numpy arrays and assign it to the variable mtxs .

Question 2

What is nationalism? How is it different to patriotism? Using relevant examples, discuss how media globalisation has weakened the awareness of patriotism due to interconnection of worldwide community.

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