Nuclear Waste

1) At present, the total number of long-term, commercial, below-ground nuclear waste

 depository sites in use in the United States is:

A) 0.

B) 7.

C) 23.

D) over 100.

2) One of the major problems associated with long-term, high-level nuclear waste storage is:

A) selecting an environment that will remain stable for more than 10,000 years.

B) determining a cost-effective way to shoot waste into space.

C) figuring out how to contain the material so that it does not leak into the ocean.

D) creating a secure environment to protect the material from terrorists.

3) Yucca Mountain in the state of Nevada is:

A) the location of a leaky nuclear power plant that will cost billions of dollars to clean up.

B) the only potential site for long-term commercial nuclear waste storage in the United

 States, rejected for safety concerns in 2009.

C) a military base that has accumulated low-level and high-level nuclear waste for many


D) the site of a lake that received illegal dumping of nuclear waste in the 1960s.

4) NIMBY is:

A) a publicly perceived risk of siting a toxic or nuclear waste disposal facility near their


B) the U.S. federal agency that oversees nuclear power facilities.

C) a U.N. organization in Geneva that directs the medical use of radioactive isotopes.

 D) the deciding factor in the approval of the Yucca Mountain disposal site in Nevada.

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