Nuclear Families

Reflection on Structurally Diverse Families in Rich Hill Documentary

**Watch a Documentary of “Rich Hill” and answer the question below.

Among other topics like families in poverty that we are exploring in this class, Rich Hill portrays the lives of three boys growing up in structurally diverse households: a nuclear family; a single mom; and a grandmother raising her grandson. Write a reflection about your thoughts on the three family types. Below are some guiding questions.

1. How would you describe the relationship between Harvey and his grandmother? Thinking of parenting styles how does his grandmother parent? Can you think of any resources that might help their family?

2.How is Andrew’s family similar to other nuclear families? What challenges do they face?

3 Think about the role of single parents. Is Appachey’s mother’s life typical? How is her life further challenged?

4. Now watch this 4 min video on ‘grandfamilies’ in an urban environment. How does this particular resource help families?

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