New Blank Excel Workbook

ASSIGNMENT: You are to create a new blank Excel workbook saving the workbook with the file name as lastname_firstinitial_statement. Organize and enter the information below into a Microsoft 2013 Excel worksheet. Calculate the Total Monthly Budget, Actual, and Variance both horizontally and vertically. You are to then create a Chart for this workbook. Make sure the worksheet view is set to 100%. Verify the “active cell´ is selected in the upper left hand corner of the worksheet. This should be cell A1. If not, make this the active cell by positioning the cursor in cell A1 and then clicking the cell. In this cell, A1, type Your Name. Press the Enter key to store this information. In cell A2, type Financial Budget/Income Statement. Press the Enter key to store this information. Press the Enter key again to skip to cell A4. In cell A4, type Month. Press the Tab key to move the active cell to B4. Beginning in cell B4, list the 12 months of the year beginning with January and ending with December pressing the Tab key after each month is entered. The active cell should now be N4: In active cell N4, type Total and press the Enter key. Save your workbook. Make sure the active cell is A5. If not, make cell A5 the active cell. NOTE: When entering number values, the numbers should be formatted to show only the number, No decimals or dollar signs are to be shown. Use Excel to format the numbers to show commas to separate hundreds, thousands of dollars, etc. Formatting for Negative numbers should be bracketed with right and left parentheses. For this assignment, use the tool bar for “Number” that is located on the Home tab. You can apply the numbering scheme desired either before or after entering the numeric data detailed below by simply highlighting all of the cells to be formatted and applying the desired editing at one time. In cell A5, type Budget and press the Tab key. Beginning in cell B5, type 10000, 12000, 9000, 11000, 15000, 15500, 20000, 21500, 24500,…

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