Networked Focus

Question 1
__________ marketing refers to the process of developing solid knowledge about customers and their likes and dislikes by tracking and using the pattern and content of communications to and from the customers.
A. Profile
B. Customer focused
C. Closed-loop
D. Responsive

Question 2
__________ refers to the ability of a business to identify and target individual customers, as with pointcast technologies.
A. Addressability
B. Accountability
C. Customer-centric
D. Modularization

Question 3
Prior to the emergence of relationship marketing, business researchers and practitioners emphasized the importance of understanding and implementing practices that promoted a company’s ability to:
A. bring a product to market.
B. complete transactions.
C. compete in the marketplace.
D. increase product prices.

Question 4
__________ exists when an interaction between two parties indicates cooperative actions undertaken for mutual benefit; that is, the customer becomes an active partner in creating the nature of the exchange.
A. Synthesis
B. Symbiosis
C. A continuum
D. A collaborative orientation

Question 5
Which of the following is NOT one of the fundamental shifts in the ways that business researchers and practitioners address business exchange?
A. From a competition focus to a cooperation focus
B. From a discrete, company-based focus to a networked focus
C. From a relational exchange focus to a transactional focus
D. From a product focus to a person focus

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