Navy Intelligence

Question 1

You have been asked to make a presentation about the steps necessary to secure the back-end DB2 database within your organization. Address the following in the presentation:

  • Introduction regarding description and importance of security in depth
  • UNIX server vulnerabilities
  • Hardening the UNIX system
  • Deployment of a Web server to be used by Navy intelligence for checking on project progress
  • Apache and Internet information server (IIS)—research and explain how these options might be used for the secure Web server scenario

We need 12 slides with Power-point presentation.

Question 2

Discuss and provide an example of how organizations are using database applications to obtain a competitive advantage.

Your post should contain.

1. A summary of databases allow organizations to do.

2. An example of a specific use by an organization.

3. An argument for if this is a sustainable advantage

Remember to research this and provide a citation from the library or internet – not the textbook or wikipedia.

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