Nature of Practices

Question 1

Questions to be answered:

1. How did faith/religion impact the nature of practices that you observed or learned about today? (Point out the certain days or give an overall answer from all journal entries)

2. How did you see social work used or how do you think you could use social work? (This is a social work course so think on a social work level)

Question 2

After reflecting on this week’s readings and discussion, answer the following questions.

  1. Would you rather be a juvenile prosecutor or defense attorney? Explain your decision.
  2. What are two ethical challenges that juvenile prosecutors and defense attorneys each face?
  3. How do you recommend that juvenile prosecutors and defense attorneys overcome ethical challenges?

Question 3

journal is a 3 paragraph reflection of the writings, music, and poetry of African Americans during a specific time period. Please write how you think African Americans felt to be captured and bound and how, in some respects, certain people are in bondage today. You may use some aspects of your discussion posts and please cite one (1) author from your textbook. Please submit your MLA formatted, 3rd person narrative journal as a Microsoft Word attachment.

the norton anthonology of african american literature volume 1 and 2 is the book. 

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