National Priority

Question 1

Read these two sentences: 

  • I can see the point of those who argue that space projects should be a national priority.
  • I also see the problem with spending millions with so many other social problems that need solving.

Which transition word correctly links the two sentences?

a. Consequently

b. Conversely

c. Specifically

d. Regardless

Question 2

A student is concluding an informative essay about the legacy of Rosa Parks. Which of the following would best conclude that essay?

a. She had a long and interesting childhood, met many famous people, and will continue to be a figure worthy of our attention.

b. She led the country where others feared to lead, changing the course of history and empowering the weak during a time of dire need.

c. The President recently revealed and dedicated a statue to the legacy of this great woman.

d. Though she is now quite elderly and is not as well-known, school children still learn about her.

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