National Practice Problem

Dear Writer, please write a paper addressing below questions. Please use 3 separate scholarly resources within 5 years to support the paper. I am also placing an order for a Translation science project paper, which is the main paper, this is the discussion part of it. Therefore make sure to align the selected mental health issue in both writtings.


The purpose of this discussion is for you to evaluate a National Practice Problem within the context of your practice problem idea and technology expansion within your healthcare setting.


Select one leading National Practice Problem(mental illness) that is prevalent in your patient population or healthcare setting (out patient psychiatric clinic) and address the following:

  1. Describe an issue related to the National Practice Problem (mental illness) you selected that is impacting quality, safety, or financial outcomes at your practice setting.
  2. Elaborate how technology such as the electronic medical record might assist in implementing, evaluating, or sustaining an evidence-based intervention to address the identified problem.

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