Musical Performers

Please answer all the questions from both part A and B with a minimum of 400 words for each part.

Please supports main ideas with substantial, relevant, & accurate evidence. 

Part A

Consider the impact of the Internet on music. Please answer the following questions.

  1. Do you think the Internet as a technology helps or hurts musical artists? Why do so many contemporary musical performers differ in their opinions about the Internet?
  2. How has the Internet changed your musical tastes? Do you listen to a wider range of music because of the Internet?

Part B

Considering that talk radio is one of the most popular formats, discuss the following questions:

  1. Why do you think that talk radio is one of the most popular formats on radio? Do you listen to talk radio? 
  2. Should talk-radio hosts be able to say anything they want on the radio? Is it important to air all potential issues over the airwaves, even if those issues might upset some listeners?
  3. Are radio talk shows just silly sideshows of extreme views and shocking behavior, or do they appeal to listeners in unique and significant ways?
  4. Do all potential topics contribute to democracy? What kinds of things shouldn’t be said or discussed on the radio?

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