Muscle Contraction

1. The hypothalamus synthesizes ADH and oxytocin and sends them to the:

a. Posterior pituitary

b. Anterior pituitary

c.  Cerebellum

d.  Pons

e.  Medulla

2.  Insulin lowers blood sugar and glucagon has no effect on blood sugar.  T or F?

3.  In muscle contraction, the thin filaments are:

a. Myosin

b. Troponin

c. Tropomyosin

d. Actin

e. Pepsin

4.  Another term(s) for the back of the  body or back part  of a part of the body  is:

a. Posterior

b.  Dorsal

c.  Anterior

d.  Ventral

e.  Both answers   a and b can be correct.

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