More Labor

Question 1

Large families in poor countries:

a.are rare because having many children is expensive

b.are common, due largely because of low infant and childhood mortality

c.are common, in part because more children means more labor becoming more common as the use of modern agriculture increases

Question 2

Increased availability of contraceptives in very poor nations is unlikely to decrease family size because:

a.families depend upon children for labor and support when the parents become old

b.infant and childhood mortality rates are already keeping family size low

c.the increased use of industry and technology has already decreased family size

d.poor families are already small because parents cannot afford to feed and house more than one or two children

Question 3

In general, as countries become more industrialized and developed:

a.use of contraception decreases

b.the cost of raising children decreases

c.people marry at an earlier age of the elderly increase

Question 4

Which of the following involves blue water?

a.percolation of water through soil

b.transpiration of water from leaves on a bright sunny day

c.evaporation of water from a lake on a windy day

d.the formation of a dense layer of fog on a cold fall day

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