Morality and Religion

Question 1

Choose a company and write a strategic plan for that organization

The strategic plan should contain the following:

  •  Company Background: Identify the organization for your strategic plan. Provide a brief background of this organization including its products, services and customers. Include the organizations strategic planning model.
  •  Mission statement and vision statement: Include the mission statement and vision statement. How does the mission, vision and values aid the organization in reaching its desired end state?
  •  Internal analysis and external analysis: Identify the organizations goals and long term objectives in your strategic plan. Write an assessment of the organizations including their ability to accomplish goals and objectives as set in their previous strategic plan(s) and, their ability to respond to internal and external changes and challenges (including the history of successes and failure associated with the process).
  •  Plan goals and implementation: Recommend strategies for future direction of the organization based on changes in the internal and external environment. Discuss the goals and implementation for the business strategy. Include in this discussion the organizational structure and the leadership and culture.
  •  Controls and evaluation: List and describe controls and evaluation methods in the organization.

Question 2

Explain the debate on the theory and practice of Islamic banking in contemporary Islamic economics.”

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