Montgomery Bus Boycott

1          Morris quotes Martin Luther King’s observation that there was an “appalling lack of         unity among leaders” in the African American community at the start of the discussions            about a possible Montgomery bus boycott.  What was that due to and how was it   overcome? What was the role of the notion of “organizations of organizations” in this     process?

2          Explain what the “local movements centers” were, why they were important and what    role they played in developing specific organizing strategies and tactics?  What were the     most effective tactics that were used by the LCMs in successful organizing campaigns?

3          What factors created favorable social conditions for the organizational unification of the             African American communities in Montgomery and Tallahassee?

4          How did the MIA, the ICC, and the ACMHR differ from the NAACP and previous protest    activity and how significant were these differences in accounting for the success of the           new organizations in mobilizing the larger African American communities?

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