Mitigation and Recovery

After aligning purchasing and logistics, Small Molecule realized that one of its primary suppliers is located in Antarctica. The company has realized there is risk. In the event that you are asked to manage the identified risks that come from being located in Antarctica, it is imperative to understand the network of risk. Even if a supply chain is fully integrated there are certainly some risks that may cause supply interruptions.

Prepare an 3- to 14-slide visual presentation with speaker notes that addresses the how to manage supply network risks.

Create a list of all the possible risks Small Molecule might encounter to be disruptive to the supply from the location in Antarctica.

Select one or two risks to focus on to enable supply continuity.

Recommend how to find a solution by including the following:

  • Detection
  • Mitigation
  • Recovery

Conclude your presentation with the value of a network approach to manage disruption.

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