Millennium Development Goal

1) If the Millennium Development goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015 is


A) the proportion of people who suffer from hunger will be reduced by half.

B) no continent will have more than 10,000 people still hungry.

C) fertility rates will decline to those of most European nations.

D) the rural population of the world will nearly double.

2) Which of the following represents the Millennium Development Goal that has the greatest

 number of targets worsening instead of improving?

A) universal primary education

B) increased access to clean drinking water

C) reduced child mortality

D) decreased maternal childbirth deaths

3) What new concept in population matters was strongly emphasized at the International

 Conference on Population Development?

A) water availability


C) reproductive health

D) none of the above

4) A rural farmer most likely obtains drinking water by drilling a deep well to use:

A) gravitational water that has percolated through soil and accumulated as groundwater.

B) gravitational water that is retained by the soil and accumulated just above the water table.

C) capillary water found in surface waters, located above the water table.

D) capillary water that has percolated through soil and accumulated below the groundwater.

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