Methods of Data Analysis

Please reply to the questions below in essay form, utilizing Sections I and II as your section headers for the paper. Please be sure to state each question without using a, b, c, d, and e. Be sure to use Times New Roman in 12pt font size, double spaces, and APA style in-text and reference page citations.  Please locate three (3) sources that inform your understanding of this research problem.

I.  Methods of Data Collection

a.  State the research question. Identify the type of research question it is. If there are independent and dependent variables, what are they? If there are not any dependent or independent variables, please discuss why.

  1. What is the epistemology of this research question?
  2. What is the ontology of this research question?
  3. What form of data collection will you use to access what it is that you want to know?
  4. What are the ‘trade-offs’ of this method of data collection?
  5. What makes it the best method of data collection for your research question?

II.             Methods of Data Analysis

a.      Explain the how you will analyze the data step by step.

III. Reference Page (APA Style)

  1. Two (2) scholarly references from the SW 308 Spring 2023 Course.

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