Mental Health Concern

  • A Mental Health Concern – and the Patient or Community – for your project.
  • A brief history of the patient including diagnoses and medications – or a brief description of the community issue.
  • Any substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem. Describe the attempted interventions that have been made for your patient or community, and identify what has been successful and what has not. Submit a rough draft of information gathered so far.
  • Describe your thoughts regarding your patient’s or community’s mental health issue. Are there any cognitive concerns? Think about interventions that may be helpful. Include sources for evidence-based practice.
  • List appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient or community. How will you evaluate effectiveness? Include an evaluation tool or rubric.
  • Complete your Semester Project by identifying mental health resources that can be used for your chosen patient or community. Finish with an educational tool for your patient or community.

The project requires that you describe and analyze a specific mental health need from practice, or in the community. What this implies is that you identify a mental health need from practice or in the community ( You can use the patient you interviewed or interacted with during your clinical posting).

Examples are outlined in the introduction to the project in module 6. You may also identify a disease process in mental health such as schizophrenia, dementia, depression etc….or ONE particular need that is unmet for that individual or in the community

This is a suggested outline for the project

  • Introduction
  • Brief history /diagnosis/medication
  • Substance abuse/addiction and violence surrounding the issue (If this does not apply to your client, include what it would be like if these issues co-exist with your chosen need or client’s disease process). You can obtain information from your text or relevant articles or website.
  • Your thoughts/interventions/Are there any cognitive concerns?/sources for evidence-based practice
  • Nursing interventions/ nursing evaluation/ evaluation tool
  • Mental health resources / Educational tool
  • Summary
  • References

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