STEP 1: Imagine that one of your best friends is struggling with his/her classes. He/she aspires to graduate in Exercise Science and go on to earn a degree in Occupational Therapy, but they have failed their first two chemistry exams. They are feeling nervous about their performance and comes to you for advice. During your discussion, you learn that:

he/she gets easily frustrated while working on chemistry problems;

he/she is sleeping less than five hours a night;

he/she works on chemistry homework every Tuesday and Thursday night, but not on other days;

  • he/she always keeps their phone on vibrate to check if they receive messages while studying;
  • he/she usually studies by re-reading the chapter; and
  • he/she pulls all-nighters before exams.
  • STEP 2: Based on this conversation, pretend you are writing an email to your friend (between 200-400 words), explaining to him/her why his/her studying habits are ineffective and what steps he/she might take to improve his/her learning. Include appropriate vocabulary from this module on memory, as well as things you’ve learned about consciousness and learning from other modules.

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