Medicaid activity process

After performing one of the following activities (or designing one of their own), students will write at least two pages of critical response, summarizing not only what occurred during the activity, but also what they learned as a result.
Specifically, students should consider: How does this experience compare with the dominant cultural point of view? What does this experience teach me about this
group? About public health? About myself? Finally, what public health programs could help remedy issues raised by this activity?
2. Imagine you are a single mother. Because of your low income, you believe your children may be eligible for Medicaid. Try to find out if they are.
What paperwork will you need to complete and where will you need to go to enroll them? What happens if you are not permitted to take time off work to keep your Medicaid-application appointments? Assuming you are able to complete the Medicaid process and get Medicaid cards for your children, try to find them a doctor and a dentist. How far will you need to travel for their primary care services?

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