Media Relations And Social Media


Media Relations & Social Media: The main job of a media relations professional is to maintain a relationship between an organization and the media so she can generate positive media coverage for the organization. With more than 1 billion Facebook users and over 500 million Twitter users, social media today can play a role in this process.

However, social media presence requires an investment (time, resources, etc.). Before an organization can launch a social media account, they must consider the following:

  • Goals: What are the goals of this account? What is the organization trying to achieve? Being online because all your competitors are there is not a goal.
  • Audience: Based on your goal(s), who is the organization trying to reach? Do we know if the desired audience is active on that specific platform?
  • Creative content: What content can engage the desired audience while achieving the organization’s social media goals?

In summary, strategy is key to successful social media presence.

For this assignment, write a post that addresses the following: What does academic research (outside of the readings assigned for this week) teach us about successful media relations online? Cite specific examples when appropriate. How can social media be strategically leveraged to help media relations professionals achieve their goals? What goals do media relations professionals have online? What audience are they trying to reach? What creative content can help them reach that audience? Post should be 300-500 words and include citation where needed.

Howard, C. & Matthews, K. (2013). On deadline: Managing Media Relations (5 th ed.).
Waveland Press.

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