Mechanical Engineering

To accomplish the design project’s Outback Challenge mission, your final design topic to research for your Quad Copter is Payload (water bottle) and Electro-Optical (Camera). Using the criteria found in the Outback Challenge rules, research and select the type of payload (water bottle securing, carrying, and delivery/release) system and electro-optical (camera, infrared, or laser) you feel would best accomplish the two-fold mission of searching for and delivering a rescue package to Outback Joe.

Analyze and summarize your research and prepare a (minimum) two-page paper. Include at least two credible reference resources to support your information. Current APA standards apply. The nature of this course is specific to UAS/UAV robotics and control. The focus of your paper must revolve around this theme. Papers that do not address this topic, but focus instead on other important, but irrelevant UAS or manned aircraft issues will not grade well. Review the assignment rubric for specific grading details and to ensure your paper meets or exceeds grading standards.

The assignment is to develop a UAS that can save lives by quickly and cost effectively finding and delivering medical supplies to a critically ill patient in the wilderness (See Outback Rescue UAV Challenge – Search and Rescue). You will summarize your technical analysis research into the best concept design for your UAS design project. You must build (on paper) your UAS for less than $10K and include a cost description in the final presentation

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