Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon

Question description

1. Select a case from the list of International Law Cases below.

Canada in “Canada vs Australia – Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon”

3. Select the party you wish to represent Canada in “Canada vs Australia – Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon”).

4. Research, read and understand your selected case. 5. Prepare and submit a written report discussing the following:

a. background of the dispute

b. brief facts of the case

c. the legal issues presented

d. the individual parties’ arguments, with particular emphasis on your selected party’s arguments

e. the tribunal’s decision

f. the importance or significance of the case in international law (i.e. why is the case important in the development of international law). You can also discuss any other developments following the court or tribunal’s decision.

Citation and referencing:

a. The group report must have a minimum of 6 scholarly, academic references, which are appropriate for a Masters Level assignment. b. Assignments are expected to observe proper referencing in accordance with a generally accepted system of citation (ex, Harvard System; Australian Guide to Legal Citation).



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