Mathematical Statistics

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Statistics is the process by which information from a previously selected sample is collected to draw conclusions. There are several techniques that compare observed values versus expected values or other values such as the mean, standard deviation and variance; previously studied in our class.

The reliability of the data depends on the type of sample and the technique, since the sample is larger, this improves the estimation of the statistical results.

Based on the above, it can be said that the hypothesis test is one of these techniques that helps us study the results of the data, more clearly is the process that is performed to determine if a condition is true based on results.

To carry out a hypothesis test we must follow some steps such as the approach of the null hypothesis and the alternative, selection of the level of significance, identification of the statistical test, determination of the decision rule, the sample and the final decision.

For example, in my job you can think that in the fall and due to the change of climate is when more Soldiers get sick, you can take a sample of 40 Soldiers belonging to a unit and review their disease records for the last year, as result 93% of the sample have presented some symptom of disease during fall. With the previous evidence it can be concluded that the initial hypothesis is true.

It should be noted that this example of my job is not a great experiment like many to which the hypothesis test is applied, this is something simple, but I think it can help to make the subject clearer, because that is how I understood the information of the videos that the class shows, so I hope not to be wrong when presenting my explanation of what was studied.

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