Mathematical Model


(a) Describe in your own words how to graph a parabola. How do you know if the parabola opens upward or downward? Demonstrate with an example.

(b) What is the vertex of a parabola? How do you determine the vertex of the parabola? Demonstrate with an example. 

What is a mathematical model? Explain in your own words. What are some examples of mathematical models that we can use when working with quadratic functions?


 Following current events related to immigration reform, a group of  students came to school wearing t-shirts representing national flags  from a variety of countries and were bullied by fellow students with a  variety of racial and ethnic slurs.  How would you respond to both  groups?  Be sure to cite any applicable case law, school board policies,  and state laws to support your answer .


   x= 26 27   33 29 29 34 30 40 22 y= 540 555 575 577 606 661 738 804 496     

     a. Obtain the linear correlation coefficient

b. Interpret the value of r in terms of the linear relationship between the two variables in question.

c. Discuss the graphical interpretation of the value of r and verify that it is consistent with the graph.

d. Square r and compare the result with the value of the coefficient of determination you obtained.         

e. Compute SST, SSR   and SSE

f. Compute the coefficient of   determination r2

g. Determine the percentage of variation in he observed values of the response variable explained by the regression, and interpret your answer h. State how useful the regression equation appears to be for making predictions    

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