Maternity Leave

Task/Focus: Write an informative, interesting and well-researched formal report on a program- related topic of your choice. Some topics are available for you to choose from below, but you may also select your own. Your topic must be approved by the professor.

Topic Suggestions
These are broad topic areas that may be focused more specifically. Also, keep in mind you must have enough material to write 1000-1200 words.
o Virtual office assistants—the wave of the future?
o Modern technology and/or social media in the office. Problems and opportunities caused by new communication technologies
o Assistive or accommodation technologies: what are businesses responsible for?
o Integrating disabled people into the workplace (i.e., people who are autistic, have Downs, are part of the Deaf community, blind or visually impaired and so on)
o How to be a global citizen, or culturally adept. Any topic that relates to intercultural communication
o Conflict resolution in the workplace
o Generation Y or Z and the workplace—considerations for new workers and employers
o Customer service (internal and external customers)
o Workplace attitudes and/or responsibilities relating to mental health issues
o Stress in the workplace, avoiding burnout. Managing emotions in the workplace.
o Lifelong learning
o How to work for multiple bosses
o Allergies and the workplace (scent free workplace)
o Maternity and paternity leaves in Canada
o Harassment, sexual or other, at the office and employees’ rights. Labour or employment issues.
o Workplace safety
o Ethics in the workplace
o Human rights issues in the workplace

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