Marketing Plan

Assignment Instructions

Please submit a brief proposal (one page) describing your topic for your Marketing plan that is due in week _.  Your paper should be well researched, clearly written, well organized and generally reflective of graduate level academic work. Things to include in a proposal: What (company or product), Why (does the company not exist, are they missing the mark, or do you just want to write a new innovative plan for the company), and some preliminary thoughts on “how”.  This could include a new market you intend to reach or a new strategy you want to employ.

This proposal must be in 6th edition APA format.
(Please note there is no specific form for a marketing plan proposal, so structure it like a typical APA formatted paper including a proper title and reference page)

Course Objectives:

1. Develop a Marketing Plan

2. Define the process for bringing a new product or service to market.

3. Keep in mind this plan can be an existing product, and existing company but a new product for them, or a completely new company. The choice is yours!


Why do exponents have to be positive for the product rule to work and what would a negative exponent do to the base value?


What is the advantage of using a two-factor design rather than conducting two separate studies, each investigating one of the factors?

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