Marketing Approach

Marketing is essential to the healthcare industry for branding and growing health systems. In this assignment, you will compare and contrast marketing data and information for a dental healthcare facility in Jeddah. Review the following article.

  •  Ahmad, A. E. M. K. (2016). Factors influencing consumer choice of private dental care provider in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Management Research, 8(4), 68-81.

Write a 5-6-page paper using the readings, research, and your knowledge of consumerism influencing marketing.

Your paper should analyze the following substantive requirements:

  •  Description of what consumers are looking for in a dental facility in Jeddah.
  •  Evaluate the data presented and any information that would be valuable that is not present in the study.
  •  Assess how consumerism plays (or should play) a role in the marketing strategy of dental facilities in Jeddah.
  •  Provide two recommendations on how to market the dental facility in Jeddah.
  •  Recommend how to monitor the data to ensure your marketing approach is working.

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