Marketing and Data Analytics

Underpinned by appropriate theories, concepts and models, address the topic of:

‘Critically discuss, analyse and evaluate the key data requirement for the organisation for a select marketing activity’

 You will submit two items for this assessment: a. the artefact, b. a written report which will be a reflection of your learning.

 Your reflection report should include, but is not limited to, the importance of Data based decision making in building competitive advantage to the firm.

 Your artefact can be any of the following, but is not limited to,  A simple software to demonstrate the use of data  You can use a presenter type of software that leads from one aspect to another (academic presenter)  A cartoon construction,  A poster  A model The Main theme should critically discuss the outlined issue(s) from different perspectives. Examples may be used to further the analysis or idea reflected in the artefact  Remember to identify how data is sourced, organised, analysed and yields results for competitive advantage Additional Information  Artefact guidance  You can identify one key area of marketing such as: Segmentation, promotion, pricing, product, branding, channel management, customer loyalty, customer acquisition and the like and discuss such key issue from different perspectives.  You can also include more than one issue in the artefact and try to explore the connections between these.  You can use one case study to explore the identified issue in a great detail. Or using multiple examples to further the understanding of the marketing function.

 Identified issues, from previous submission, include:


 The role of data in decision making  Types of data and data sources  Identifying the ‘right data and analysis’  Impact of improper data understanding “ illustrating data rich knowledge poor”

 Artefact and report assessment  You will be assessed on the presentation of creativity and your use of presenting various issues. Your essay should:  Critically present the need for data analytics for strategic advantage and demonstrate your understanding of the use and need for such a system in any organisation to enhance the marketing function. Your artefact should:  Self explain (can have pin-ups to detail) the idea, approach to data, analytics to be performed, expected results, and how these can be used as knowledge to leverage competitive advantage

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