Market Structure

A hot topic in today’s news is the rising cost of health care and how we, as a country can provide health coverage. Is health care a right or choice? Do you believe health care should be regulated and government funded? Or do you believe health care should be provided by the private sector and allow competition to bring down the cost of health care. In addition, what are some viable alternatives to this problem? What implications might these alternatives have with respect to other individuals? Please include the market structures and governments role in the health care industry (think about unit three and the market structure i.e… pure competition, monopoly etc..).

While you have some flexibility in the way that you complete this assignment, please be sure to address the questions mentioned above as you gather information about the topic.

Your response should be a minimum of 750 words and should cover the main points above. You are expected to have a least two references (include URL)

Please upload this paper so that safe assign can review it. I will not accept emails, must be uploaded. Due Friday December 02, 2018 at 11:55 pm.

Below are some helpful links:

 (Rising Health Care Costs)

(National Coalition on Health Care)

Your writing assignment has been posted in e-campus. You must write a 750-word paper and upload it on or before the December 03, 2018 deadline. The paper will be scanned by safe-assign , use your own words. The assignment is in e-campus on the left-hand side in a tab labeled “Writing Assignment”. Paper must be uploaded.

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