Market Segments


1. Identify and describe 3 or more distinct market segments within a specific industry, such as aerospace or automobile manufacturing. What differences are apparent? Why would this matter to a marketer?

2. Identify and describe a potential ethical dilemma that a marketer might face when segmenting a market. How might this concern be appropriately addressed given the need to satisfy stakeholders whose requirements may often be in conflict?

Each one must be answer with 150-200 words and have a cite in the answer. 


With all of the different influences and dynamics of society, it is important to  teach children acceptance and tolerance of others.  Erik Erickson’s psychosocial theory of child development illustrates stages in which children learn to coexist with others including trust and mistrust, shame and doubt, initiative vs guilt and industry vs inferiority (Oswalt, 2019).  The social interactions and experiences that a child encounters during these stages will often set the tone on how they view differences among their caregivers and peer groups.  Explain the advantages and disadvantages of promoting social tolerance among children under the age of 10.  In your initial post, you must present a balanced argument for both positions (for example, you cannot favor advantages over disadvantages or visa versa).

200 words

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