Market Presence

Question 1

respond to the statement below in 4 to 5 sentences about E-commerce

  • E- commerce is the transactions used on the internet when purchasing an item. This is included but not limited to buying on the website or app. It also includes business to business, and data gathering. E-commerce is the reason there is a market presence for online shopping, there are many different techniques used to market their businesses such as, creating an app to use instead of online. Another one is to write articles about the product being sold.

Question 2

Select a hospitality company in your community and evaluate their presence on e-commerce channels in 700- to 1,050-word paper.

Contact the general manager to help gather information and use outside resources to assess the following:

  • How well has the company utilized the three types of e-commerce? Is the company distributing information across all business functions?
  • Identify any channels they are not currently taking advantage of that they should be.
  • Determine the strength of their overall e-commerce presence.

Format your assessment according to APA guidelines.



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