Manufacturing Technologies


Module 6: Discussion: Thank You for Smoking

Discussion: Thank You for Smoking 

The movie, Thank You for Smoking, provides many examples of arguments and fallacies. Choose three arguments from the film as examples and identify what kind of argument or fallacy they represent. What argumentative “tricks” are being used to promote tobacco? What critical questions regarding acceptable, reasonable, and sufficient premises would you ask about the three arguments you selected? 

Module 6: Discussion: An Inconvenient Truth

Discussion: An Inconvenient Truth 

Not all dilemmas are false. The film, An Inconvenient Truth, poses and addresses a series of choices regarding environmentalism and the issue of climate change. Watch this film and in this discussion present an example of a false dilemma addressed in the movie, as well as an example of a true dilemma. Give reasons for your answer.  


How has the concept of “Mass Customization” been facilitated by evolving manufacturing technologies? 

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