Managerial Communication


1. Assuming you are a Chief Personnel Manager of a leading MNC, draft a letter calling a candidate for an interview in reply to his application for the position of Chief Financial Executive.

2. Assume yourself as a Customer Relationship Manager of a bank. You have received a letter from your customers who have complained to you about the rude behaviour of a computer clerk. Since the customer is an important person, write a letter to convince the customer.

3. Communication is lifeblood of an organization and without it organization cannot exists. Discuss this statement.

4. The problem of communication arises because there are various obstacles which may entirely prevent a communication or filter part of it, or present it incorrect. Comment and discuss.


1. Understanding the basic concepts of Organizational Behaviour prepare a Behavioural frame work for a newly established IT company in Chennai. – Student can imagine the size and turnover of the industry.

2. To understand the importance of the concepts personality, perception, and attitude of employees in an organization, prepare an interview schedule, conduct an interview with 2-3 executives of any one organization and present the results.

3. After listing out the qualities and theories of leadership, have a discussion with one or two real world leaders of your choice and present the outcome.

4. Identify a suitable case to understand Organizational Culture, analyze the case and present it with issues and strategies.

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